Shipping Procedures

Parkside Candy Shipping Procedures

We at Parkside Candy are committed to providing delicious quality chocolates to all of our customers. If you are purchasing our candies to be shipped to your home or the home of a loved one, please follow the guidelines below to ensure that your order arrives as it is supposed to.

While we hand pack every order with care, we also provide an optional insulated box that can be purchased for an additional $14 USD. We recommend this shipping option for orders placed during the summer and whose final destination may be in a warm or humid climate. 

Parkside Candy cannot be held responsible for any damaged or melted candies. We will not replace any of these candies unless customers choose our insulated shipping box option with at least 2-Day Shipping during the months of May to October or to locations that are warm/humid throughout the year. Furthermore, Parkside Candy is not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. Please contact UPS or US Mail directly should this occur.

Typically, our packages will ship within 2 business days. Holidays may, however,  add additional time to your shipment. We never ship our products on a Friday to minimize the amount of time they may spend in a distribution center. Please plan your purchase accordingly.

Please be sure to track your package so that it does not sit outside your home for an extended period of time upon delivery. Many of our candies will melt when exposed to heat over a period of time. By selecting a signature option, you can ensure that you will be present at the delivery of your delicious package.

If you have any questions or concerns about which shipping option is best for your package, feel free to call our factory at 716-833-7540.

Thank you.

US Mail Pricing

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UPS Pricing

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