Fundraising Opportunities

Looking for a new and unique idea to fundraise for your organization? Parkside Candy offers a few different options for those looking for fundraising opportunities! While we have a few fundraising options that we typically encourage, we are open to any specific ideas that your group may have.


Chocolate Covered Popcorn Tub Drive

Our gourmet Chocolate Covered Popcorn Tubs have always been a crowd pleaser. This best-selling item is the perfect item for those looking to keep their fundraiser simple. Our popcorn tubs pictured below come in two different sizes. This fundraising option requires your organization’s community to sell pre-order popcorn tubs. The popcorn tubs will be available for pick up on a date of your choosing.



Customizable Limited Menu for Online Ordering

This fundraising option is perfect for groups that want a little bit of everything! We will build you a custom page on our site that only your organization can shop on. You may choose 12-16 different items for your patrons to choose from. All items will be available for pick up on a date of your choosing once orders are completed. Customers may choose to pay for shipping online instead if they would like. This fundraising option has been our most popular to date.


**All organizations will receive 25% of the profits from each sale.

Fundraising Inquiry
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