About Parkside

Parkside Candy has been a part of Buffalo’s history since the company
was founded in 1927. Creators of homemade chocolates,
old-fashioned lollipops, an infamous old fashion ice cream parlor, and
their signature confection, Sponge Candy – all bring a feeling of home
and nostalgia with each delicious bite.

Parkside Candy Testimonials

“Every time I bite into Parkside Candy’s Milk Chocolate Sponge Candy I am immediately reminded why I choose this product above others. The unique shape makes it easier to bite into and delivers a better chocolate to sponge ratio. 10/10 recommend.”
- John S.
“I remember coming to Parkside as a small girl in the 70’s after every dentist appointment for an ice cream sundae if I didn’t have any cavities. As an adult, I still frequent the Main Street store with my own children. Every time I enter the store I am immediately transported back in time to my childhood.”
- Cynthia B.
“I needed a gift for my Sister-In-Law in South Carolina, so I went into a Parkside store to grab a box of Sponge Candy. The sales clerk informed me of their Shipping Program which actually cost less than if I had packaged it up myself. Very convenient.”
- Carol M.